Darkain Arts is currently developing our first full-length visual novel, Soulless Wonder.

We’re creating a fantasy dating adventure with a twist. Sure, we have monsters, and who -doesn’t- want to date monsters? The actual twist, though, is that our characters have depth, personality, and they are dealing with real issues faced by real people.
Life is funny, sad, difficult, thrilling, crushing, unfair and uplifting. You’ll run into all of that in Soulless Wonder as you meet the diverse cast who each face their own demons… metaphorical demons. There may also be actual demons who themselves have metaphorical demons. You… get the idea.
We will look at serious topics such as grief and loss, bullying, transgender issues, asexuality, same-sex relationships, mental health, and more. You’ll face plenty of choices with dramatic repercussions as you try to guide our hero-of-sorts, Lantz the Bard, on his quest to win back his soul.

The classic 2009 Darkain Arts animated feature is back!

Goth girl Misery comes home from a dire, draining day at work only to find her apartment is infested with… tiny people?! This pint-sized predicament leads her to question her sanity until she decides to enlist her friend Roxy in a search for answers, right after a bite to eat.

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Running time: 24min
Format: DVD
Extras include:

  • Commentary from Misery and Amanda’s voice actresses
  • Darkain Arts Primer
  • FantaSize image gallery